Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Shenanigans

My weekend was pretty good despite having to work. Normally I just work during the week but occasionally we do things to get the agency name out there, like vendor fairs and things. It went pretty is in a 55 and Older neighborhood, so you have to learn to talk really loudly really quickly. and there was this guy selling solar lights:

Thanks, I didn't need my sight or anything.

Anyway, After that I ventured over to see my grandparents, had a nice visit with them and my aunt, and was reminded one reason why I don't live in this city anymore:

The traffic is insane and I feel like I need a Xanax after every trip. And sometimes visiting my family makes me feel like that too.

I thankfully woke up without too bad of a hangover my my overindulgence in my new find, Skinnygirl Margaritas. It is was pretty awesome.

Yup, you're welcome.

So anyway, back to waking up, (Thank you, Lord...) I knew it was Game Day and that I was going to get my Falcons and my chili on!

I had to run by the mall first and exchange some Yankee Candles first, and I was super happy with what I got. Except for the snotty attitude that the associate gave me, trying to tell me how she was extend me a courtesy by doing an even exchange on my candles even though one that I was getting was a Buy One, Get One Half Off special, and that she wasn't going to just give me a 50% credit and make me pay the rest. I did an "Excuse Me?" and informed her that I am a former employee and know the rules on exchanges, and she was not extending me a "courtesy", she was doing her job. OK, I may not have added the "doing her job" part, but I think the look I gave her after the other parts said enough. She then finished up and gave me a very curt "Goodbye". Good for her, I am the customer, she is not. I came into that job every day with a smile on my face and got many compliments from customers, some directly to my manager. So shove it cranky b. If you don't like customer service, don't do it.

Well, that turned into more of a rant then I planned. ANYWAY.

When I made it home D had made the chili, and I plopped myself down and proceeded to not do much of anything else until now.

Our dog is very talented. She smells, she stands...there's not much else to it.

Toodles and hope your weekend was as good as mine!

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