Friday, September 28, 2012

RIP Turkey

Well I got up this morning and our new baby Turkey was dead. How's that for an opening line? kinda depressing? This week has just been depressing, though.

I hate my intuition. Even on little things. Slept pretty decent, but woke up at my alarm this morning and had the most horrible feeling wash over me - the feeling of dread. Like the night before a big test or speech or something. That sick stomach and shakes and just a feeling of not wanting to face the day for some reason, a panic all of a sudden. Intuition stinks sometimes.

I got up and made sure there were no murderers in the house, (That wasn't my first thought but it was my second for sure) checked the dog, then realized no happy chirps coming from the spare room. Then I saw it and my shakes and panic went away and just a sick feeling stayed. I was getting so attached to Turkey. Darnit. 

Well, at least it is Friday.

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