Thursday, September 6, 2012


You ever have days where you realize how awkward you are and feel like the dumbest person ever? No? It's probably just me. Here are a few examples:

Not remembering a customer's name that comes in your office that you see at least on a monthly basis. I remember first names pretty well, but last names are needed to pull up their account. And like an idiot, I have to ask for their name. Again. Most of them just bring their payment stubs now to save me the embarrassment. Except for my one customer Mr. Cardona. How do I remember him, you ask? Because the first time I met him I thought his name was "Corona" and proceeded to tell him how much I love Corona and how I thought I might have one after work. This was not even a Friday. Now I remember him every time. Maybe I need to give everyone a boozy nickname to help me remember?

Yelling out the wrong answer to your boss's question like I totally knew what it was in a meeting. And having him stare at your for a second, give a "" then ask for the right answer. Or just stare and say nothing. The stare says enough. It says, "Why did I hire this moron?"

Tripping all the time. Over nothing. Just me and my husband walking through the mall, and suddenly I literally leap forward like I'm possessed or something. After he gets over laughing (every time) he walks a little further away so next time maybe it won't look like he's with me.

Not being able to do basic math in my head. I swear I can, it just takes me a minute second  longer than others. And it shows, too...another reason for me not to do the deposit at work. I can spell like a pro, (Ask me anything) but no one cares about that after I stutter on a basic math question.

I have the worst memory, ever. Which I think has been thoroughly covered in this post.

Yup, can't wait for my High School Reunion...10 years...everyone will see me and be like, "Hey, how are you....uh...sorry, can't remember your name, it's been so long..." but really they probably didn't know to begin with because they stayed away from the awkward folks in school.....

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*Ulrike* said...

Maybe I should have assigned a beer name to people too so I can remember their names!