Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Grocery Store Woes

I usually like grocery shopping. When I have money. And time. and patience. I really only had a little money and a little time today. The patience was a no altogether.
I just wanted a few ingredients for a recipe. Apparently Kroger doesn't sell Veg-All. Or at least I couldn't find it after the 4 times parading the aisles looking for it plus 2 incompetent employees who didn't know what it was. So I know it's just mixed veggies or something but the recipe said VEG-ALL!!!

Thank you to the family that I was positive they were related to Honey Boo Boo by the loud laughing, cackling, carrying on, shrieking, and just general redneck behavior in the candy/Halloween aisle. You managed to distract the entire store and slow down all the lines.

Thank you to the man in front of me who worked there but apparently had never actually used a check-out debit machine before. I think Kroger needs a stern letter on training their employees to actually use the machines the customers use.

Thank you to my pants, which decided to randomly unbutton as I finally checked out, and proceed to slide down my hips probably showing some crack before I fumbled to button them back. Fortunately I was among butt-crack show-ers, so I think I only embarrassed myself.

A for real thank you to the bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon I bought - my psychic abilities told me I'd need some when I got home.

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And that recipe? I did finally make it home in one piece and whipped it up:

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I'll have to share the recipe tomorrow!

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