Friday, September 14, 2012

High Five for Friday

It's Friday again! Luckily my week at work went quickly, and I have a full, fun weekend ahead!

Here are my picks from the week:

1. I found these in my car one morning from D. :)

2. My boss surprised me and said he had Brad Paisley tickets for Saturday that he and his family can't use but could I? They are now in my hands and you will have to kill me to get them.

3. We found this little dude (In my cat's mouth) but fortunately he was not hurt that we could see. He's a flying squirrel!

4. enjoyed some popcorn while the last episode of Damages was on. Show is a little weird, but addicting.

5. This little lady graced me with her presence upon leaving in the mornings and arriving home from work in the afternoons.

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Betcha can't guess what the next post will be about! Hint, hint, check out #2!


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