Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Awkwardness continues...(and dinner)

So remember my little story from my previous post? So it continues, and oddly, I don't think I've had this happen...

So I was trying to take some initiative today and change out the ink on the postage machine which had been lit up for a week telling us the ink was low...I didn't want to touch it because I didn't want to mess it up, but no one else had either. I finally got the thing open, got the ink out, and searched for another cartridge. While I was looking in the drawer that we NORMALLY keep ink in, it starts dripping down my hand on into the drawer...OK, I can handle that. It didn't get on my shirt, like almost everything else...ANYWAY, didn't see a cartridge so I shook the old one, put it back in, and ran a test print on it. No luck. I thought maybe I put it in wrong since I'd had my little incident with it leaking, so I attempted to take it back out...also with no luck. Finally I go get my boss, who comes out a few minutes later and says it is fixed.

"You put it in backwards, so it got stuck."

"Oh, that must have happened when I did this": *shows ink stained hand*

"There was another cartridge in the other drawer too."

"Oh, whoops."

*hollers to my coworker* "Don't let Lori use the office equipment anymore!"


He laughed about it but of course I felt like an idiot.

At least I took the initiative instead of letting the damn thing blink forever. I mentioned that also. Loudly. Not sure anyone cared.

ANYWAY, onto dinner. Last night I made these FANTASTIC Sloppy Joes:

 *credit goes to Gina @*
If you have not visited Gina's Blog before, you can go to it HERE. She makes great recipes that are lowfat, and even gives you the Weight Watchers Points to go with it. She posts several times a week and has hundreds to browse through. I have not made one single thing that didn't turn out great. The recipes are simple and delicious.

I'm off to eat my leftovers and recover from my day...

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*Ulrike* said...

LOL! Can definitely tell you are related to me!