Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kitchen Redo - It's all I can talk about!

OK Homies. So I may be a little unrealistic about what I want out of this kitchen that we will move out of in a couple years. I'm imagining something like this:

That's basically the colors that we will use...I went to Home Depot and got the paint the other day...I'm itching to paint but we have a few minor things to do first. I have "mudded" like three-fourths of the walls to cover all the old trim boo-boos and nail holes that I just painted over before because I am lazy  had pneumonia last time I painted the kitchen and really didn't feel like messing with it. Yes, PNEUMONIA. I got bored.

Anywho. I am still debating on painting the cabinets dark. We (I) picked out a dark chocolate brown since the step-dad wasn't groovin' on the black, and I must say, I think it will work. But I'm a little nervous...the kitchen isn't tiny, but isn't huge either so I don't want to feel boxed in. Another issue is that the cabinet doors are well, not in the greatest shape, and sometimes painting things dark brings out the imperfections. BUT, I'm thinking if I sand and do a really good job, get some new hardware like this:
And this for the doors:
And some new hinges since lazy clumsy Lori painted over the old ones...then it might look pretty darn good for mobile home cabinets.

So, more pics to come as things move along...I can't wait to put down the new floor and get the walls painted. *squeal*


Monday, October 11, 2010

Kitchen Redo Part 1

Nothing stresses me out like a mess. And that's what our house is right now from this kitchen redo. A hot mess. The mess has overflowed from the kitchen into the dining room, living room, and anywhere else the mess needed to be moved to in order to get this kitchen done. I am so lucky that we went to my Dad-in-law's girlfriend's house last night for dinner and she sent us home with lots of leftovers, because I don't think I'll be doing any cooking for a WHILE...

Exhibit A:

Oh, Lordy. That is (was) my dining room with my kitchen island, trash can, and other kitchen items chunked in it. I nearly had a coronary when I walked in this afternoon.

Yes, those are boobie and bootie salt and pepper shakers on top of that island...just wanted to clarify that I don't collect nude sculptures, but I DO collect salt and pepper shakers. They were too good to pass up. I found them in Panama City Beach one year (where else, really?) and found them wildly hilarious.

So anyway, back to the kitchen. The original plan was to redo the floor in our ancient mobile home because it had warped with all the humidity and running of the new giganda air conditioner this past summer. Although, being me, Miss Never-Satisfied, I started observing all the cracks and trim and other things on the walls that needed to be redone, so...we are now doing that as well. But I'll have to post on that later.

Here is my floor all torn up, being prepped to put in new, clean, un-warped new wood:

In mobile homes, (especially old ones) everything is done...well, weird. I am installing a dimmer in my living room for the recessed light that shines on the fireplace and am lucky that it was a "normal" light switch. I'll have to post on that when I do it, too, and show you what I mean.

 Anyway, sorry for my ADD. Here is a shot of the floor after the "fixed" wood is put in:

We are only fixing the warped part because the rest of the floor is in pretty good shape, ever after like 20 years. Tomorrow Dustin will putty the cracks, sand it down, paint a coat to help the floor tiles stick, and we will start on putting down the new floor.

Which is fab, by the way. It is linoleum tiles that look like parquet, or wood, flooring.

We went with those because this place is not an actual house and will probably be demolished one day if we sell off the land. But these tiles were cheaper than some of the stone ones I looked at! And they will be a breeze to clean, which I will do immediately upon placement. :)

OK one more pic for the evening. This one is a shot of the kitchen wall color, called Soothing Green Tea. At first it looked nice but now I call it "Exorcist Pea Soup Green".  I want more of a sage-y greenish gray which I have seen in some high-dollar homes and was very inspired by. I felt a little crazy creative when I walked in and decided to start ripping off the old trailer "trim".
I can't wait for a trip to Home Depot tomorrow with the landlord...AKA the Mom, to pick out new paint (I've already found Soft Sage and Frosted Pine, which both look kinda like my expensive inspiration kitchens) and maaaaaybe get some under cabinet lighting if I'm lucky. I'd love to paint the cabinets black and then have that lighting...ohhhh...yeeeeaaaahhhh....but the landlord (step-dad half) is not too thrilled about the black. Of course, he also asked my mom what color they are now, and didn't realize I'd painted them white 3 years ago...hmmm.