Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love...

Oh....boy...I hopped on the Eat, Pray, Love train this summer when I saw Julia Roberts on Oprah. My mother-in-law was reading the book on vacation when we went in June and loved it so I got the book as well. I wasn't able to make it past India without being a little bored (those of you who have read know what I'm sayin'.....) so I was SO glad Mom asked me to go see it with her...I liked the condensed version idea! Although I do plan to read the rest when we go to the beach again!

 What wonderful movie it was. I love Julia (I say that as though we are good friends) so that helped a lot. The film was a little dragging at first but once she started traveling it was a fun ride. We LURVED the idea of Italy and all their food and wine. We have lots of German relatives, so we felt soooo European going to see that movie, and obviously would fit right in in Italy. ;)

I got all dressed:

Which is really just me wearing something other than flip-flops like the rest of the ladies in the theater...

I learned a new word! "Attraversiamo", which means, "Let's cross over" (like, the street...not to another life or something!) I keep saying it with much gusto. ATTRAVERSIAMO!!!!!!! I just need to use it in context now.

And last night I made SPA-GHETTI!!! *with Italian accent* Although failed to take a picture because I was too busy eating.

Today my husband made a delicious salad for dinner with Romaine, red onions, banana peppers, black olives, a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and some parm. It was delish!

 We got super-excited and even found a perfect pizza:

So this is what my dinner consisted of:

Is that a glass of red wine hiding in the corner? So it is.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Some Old Days and New Days

Dustin's grandparents gave him this photo to make some copies of. This is his grandfather (PawPaw or PaPa, not sure of the spelling) when he was around 22 years old. Isn't he handsome?

This next photo is of an old store that Dustin's great, great grandfather ran in Alabama, "Big Coon". Still looks pretty good for being so old!

The inside:

The Bell Spring:

 Dustin's family purchased some land out close to that old store, for Dustin's grandfather and for the family to pass through the generations. They have plowed it and cleared the land, and purchased a small travel camper to stay in when they are out that way. I have not seen it yet but am excited to go "camping" soon!

What a pretty view!