Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flashback Tuesday

Memory Flashback!

I don't really remember this house, but it was the first home in Texas that we lived in after I was born. Anyone who knows my dad and his anal precise landscaping would know it was his house just by looking at it! I've only been to it again one other time in my life but that was LOOONG ago. I hope to see it again one day, and the town where I was born.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

That's What I Love About Sunday

Oh, weekend, where have you gone? Stay a day longer?

This weekend I went on a quest for an egg salad sandwich...

Saturday D had to work and I cleaned some house...then I wanted to go out instead of just cleaning all day but of course I was hungry. I had a hankering (My friend Mindy taught me that ages ago) for an egg salad sandwich so I boiled my eggs...

Went to the library which I haven't done in forever and got some GREAT books! (Still hungry)

Rocking my awesome bracelet that my dear friend Brenda got me a long time ago...it's supposed to do something for my health but I can't remember what...

And got to the store for some mayo for my sandwich...picked up some olives for snacks...was pretty happy until I got home and realized that my olives had been dropped sometime and the seal was broken, err...anyone who knows me should know my olive obsession...I was slightly disappointed but put them aside until I could return them.
I went to open the mayo I bought and desperately needed for the sandwich I'd dreamed about for hours...(OK, maybe like an hour) and the seal was broken on it too! So I trudged down to the nearest Publix and of course they are awesome and let me exchange both items.

I got home and finally had my sandwich...it was delicious but maybe not quite worth the stress...

The rest of the weekend was not quite a challenge. I read a little, did a little laundry. Played some Scene It.

(Sam played too)

 Went to Mom-in-Law's and played again!
Morrison! (He didn't want to play)
All in all a pretty good weekend...although I lost at Scene It...

Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five for Friday

Well, hello again, Friday. Happy to see you!

My 5 faves from this week:

This song plays a lot and it's so fun, and the video is so cute. 

It also makes me think of this scene from "Wedding Crashers", hilarious!!!

Our Canna bloomed again, so pretty!

I managed to squirt lotion on one of my favorite dresses as opposed to spilling my food as usual...good job, Lori...we will see if it comes out...

I had a day to myself in the office...so breakfast it was. These are AWESOME!

Hooray for super-cute shirts...got this one on clearance and it's so light and comfy and summery!

How was YOUR week?

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh, Hello Weekend!

My weekend has been great! It started with breakfast at Cracker Barrel with my dad...we try to do this whenever my husband has to work a Saturday, although D has come a few times too! And believe me, I never lived it down one day when he ended up being home and I didn't invite him, oh, boy...

One Saturday when he was supposed to work:

D: Is it just you and your dad or am I invited too?
 Me: It is just me and my dad. I don't want to spring an extra meal/bill on him without him knowing...he thinks it's just me and he might just want to see me. (he asked me like 3 times to come along)
D: *pout* pout* pout*

I get to breakfast and it comes up that D ended up not having to work:

Dad: Well then why didn't you bring him?

me: *knows the wrath I will face now when I get home* Ugh.


What nice start to the weekend!

We also had some of these which I had not had in years...

We had even more rain and yes my yard is normally picture perfect woodlands...(not)

I made us a snack of homegrown tomatoes, and our peppers were looking good too.

D talked me into going to the store for shrimp and then I was talked into clams as well...they were AWESOME!

We took the shellfish, onions and garlic, a little bacon, parsley, and scallions cooked with some butter...

White wine...

Topped with parsely and scallions. Totally awesome and flavorful.

Friday, July 20, 2012

High Five for Friday!

This week has been a lot busier than I expected. Which is good in a way but I had a lot of grunt work to do...at work...but anyway, it's almost the weekend!!!

 I hope rain and storms are not going to be a common theme on my blog...but we had some crazy storms this week, every day about the same time...are we still in GA?

 Been getting me through the week...

So has my Sam, she and I share lunch every day. In this picture she was keeping an eye on my peanut butter and jelly.

Unexpected but fun trip to Wal Mart to get some quick replacement work shoes for D.

 Fabulous dinner D made! He always cooks healthy and delicious meals!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beauty Faves Part 1

So this blog is pretty much about everything...I've tried to do blogs about one thing only and got bored, so this one is going to mix it up. As you can see from my old posts when I first started the blog, I definitely blogged about anything and everything...

Today's blog was supposed to be a summary of my weekend but I have chalked my weekend up to "sucky" for lack of a better term, so beauty products, here we come!

So today's post is about some favorites of mine. I don't try new products too often, but I've tried a few lately that I really like. And they are each under $7!

1. These face wipes are the best I've tried over everything. They are 98% natural (don't ask me about the other 2%, I have no idea!) They make my face feel very clean when I don't feel like washing in the sink or showering. They smell ok too - a little perfumey but that goes away quickly. (maybe that's the 2%?) My mom always handed me a cucumber peel to wipe my face with when she would peel cucumbers and it always felt cool and refreshing. And - these wipes get off mascara, people!

2. This scrub is to die for.I have tried a lot of scrubs, both handmade and store bought, expensive and cheap. This is the best.
The scent - I like it a lot. It is beachy and tropical but light and doesn't leave you reeking. There are several scents but I like Coconut Lime the best. Plus I use my body wash after.
The scrub - exfoliates so well and does NOT leave any residue. I have spent a lot more on a scrub only to leave the shower feeling like an oil slick. I have also had homemade that made me feel that way.
The ingredients - With things like Coconut, Shea Butter, Evening Primrose, Almond, Avocado, and Orange oils, I feel pretty good about using it on my skin. This scrub rocks. The body butter is also fabulous and I use it often. Family - expect a scrub or lotion in your Christmas bag especially if you have not already gotten one before!

3. This conditioner is very inexpensive and made my hair feel really soft. It's like $3-$4 at my local grocery store. Smell is ok, typical hair product sort of smell, and similar to other Aussie products I've tried. and the squeeze bottle means no more prying it open in the shower, just squeeze out and apply!

4. I tried this for use between hair cuts and I use it daily now. (or whenever I wash and style) It really seems to keep my hair in good shape, and I LOVE the smell. not sure what it is but it smells SO GOOD to me! and it lasts a long time - I have very thick hair and only need one pump each time.

5 Last but not least, my very favorite summertime body spray. I don't use in the winter, it is very light and refreshing and in the winter I prefer to use Coco Mademoiselle or whatever appeals to me. I use the deodorant and well which has more cucumber scent to it. This does not, it is very faint and mostly smells like "green tea" or something...It's funny, I have two cucumber based scents on here and I really don't like the smell of cucumber...!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things - Kitchen

I decided that for the next few weeks I'm going to post now and then about things in a room in my house that I love. I have a pretty small place so I think the posts will be short. :) But I try to decorate with things I love and my husband loves, and make our house a home.

First off, I have to mention this:

I've recently tried to drink coffee again (I say "try" because I love it but no matter what it always gives me the jitters) so we got this at the store for creamer. It is delicious. And it was on sale.

I love, love, love my cookbooks. I rarely use them but love and appreciate them and it's one of my favorite things about the kitchen.

This is on a small wall in the kitchen under the cabinets. My mom and I both got one during a difficult time in our lives. Sometimes I have to re-read it when I am going through a hard time with someone or something and it all makes sense.

I woke up in a great mood this morning...no idea why...but was super excited to have blog comments and then I was thinking of crafty things to put on my blog, and fall, and this candle came to mind. I know it is mid summer and I haven't even gone on vacation but I am CRAVING fall. i am not too much of a fruity smells person but have been lately for some reason. But this one smells like Wildberry Skittles which are my favorite, and makes it smell divine in here. Unfortunately it is super strong and even with mild asthma I feel like my whole face and chest are closing in on me...so I have to blow it out soon. :(

This is my last favorite kitchen thing but maybe the most important. It hangs on the side of the shelf that holds the cookbooks, above our keys to see each day before we leave.

What are some of your favorite things that make your house a home?

Friday, July 13, 2012

My First High Five for Friday

This Friday took forever to be over so there is not much "High Fiving" here...but still, it was a Friday. Some of my favorite things from the week:

Lots of much needed rain!

D spotted this Gray Tree Frog...he's in a tree next to our pond, and he's pretty cool.

I got my iPhone and it's about stinkin' time. I have wanted one for a while (that's an understatement, I've been walking around the house jokingly asking where I put my iPhone as if one would magically appear) and my Blackberry finally kicked the bucket. It was almost time for my upgrade so I sweet talked Verizon into letting me get the discounted price and upgrading early. I really like it! I also got the Otterbox case today to keep it safe.

I made my own Big Mac sauce today...no exact recipe but went by something I saw online...was pretty tasty!

And finally:

This little booger that was supposed to be an outside kitty snuggled up with me. I do miss snuggle time.

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