Friday, July 13, 2012

My First High Five for Friday

This Friday took forever to be over so there is not much "High Fiving" here...but still, it was a Friday. Some of my favorite things from the week:

Lots of much needed rain!

D spotted this Gray Tree Frog...he's in a tree next to our pond, and he's pretty cool.

I got my iPhone and it's about stinkin' time. I have wanted one for a while (that's an understatement, I've been walking around the house jokingly asking where I put my iPhone as if one would magically appear) and my Blackberry finally kicked the bucket. It was almost time for my upgrade so I sweet talked Verizon into letting me get the discounted price and upgrading early. I really like it! I also got the Otterbox case today to keep it safe.

I made my own Big Mac sauce exact recipe but went by something I saw online...was pretty tasty!

And finally:

This little booger that was supposed to be an outside kitty snuggled up with me. I do miss snuggle time.

Check out Lauren's blog and create your own High Five for Friday posts!



Elise @ The Jersey Flower said...

It's always good to find the lovelies in the midst of uglies! Your cat is adorable :)

Stopped by for the link up! Happy Friday ♥

Elise @

*Ulrike* said...

We needed the rain, thank goodness it came. So your kitty is hanging around you again, better than down by my garden house! Luv ya!