Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh, Hello Weekend!

My weekend has been great! It started with breakfast at Cracker Barrel with my dad...we try to do this whenever my husband has to work a Saturday, although D has come a few times too! And believe me, I never lived it down one day when he ended up being home and I didn't invite him, oh, boy...

One Saturday when he was supposed to work:

D: Is it just you and your dad or am I invited too?
 Me: It is just me and my dad. I don't want to spring an extra meal/bill on him without him knowing...he thinks it's just me and he might just want to see me. (he asked me like 3 times to come along)
D: *pout* pout* pout*

I get to breakfast and it comes up that D ended up not having to work:

Dad: Well then why didn't you bring him?

me: *knows the wrath I will face now when I get home* Ugh.


What nice start to the weekend!

We also had some of these which I had not had in years...

We had even more rain and yes my yard is normally picture perfect woodlands...(not)

I made us a snack of homegrown tomatoes, and our peppers were looking good too.

D talked me into going to the store for shrimp and then I was talked into clams as well...they were AWESOME!

We took the shellfish, onions and garlic, a little bacon, parsley, and scallions cooked with some butter...

White wine...

Topped with parsely and scallions. Totally awesome and flavorful.

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