Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shopping - Love-Hate Relationship

Does shopping sometimes make you cry? If you are like me, it does.
Occasionally there's a sale at Belk and occasionally, Mom and I go and check it out.
The thing I love about shopping at Belk - they have some GORGEOUS clothing there, all different name brands, and for everyone. Or at least I think everyone. D doesn't think so.

One day D and I were at Belk and I was looking for some capris. He mentioned that only old people shop at Belk and no people my age go there for themselves. I argued that fact the whole time, and finally we saw another girl about my age.

"HA! See, there are people my age here shopping for themselves."
"I bet she's here with her grandmother or something."
"Yeah, right. You're WRONG!"

A few minutes later I hear this:

"Grandma! Over here!"

Oh, dear.

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Now comes the hate part.

I HATE when I think something looks like it should fit me and it's like 2 sizes to small. Not that that happens. Often.

This one I like.

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