Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Opinions Wanted. But only mine.

I found a FUN blogger that encourages you to state your opinions. I love her already.

Here are some of mine:

1. I do not understand why grown women feel it acceptable to wear pajama pants to the mall. Or Wal-Mart, or Target. Maybe Wal-Mart. To me it says, "Hi! I didn't put on clean underwear after waking up and leaving the house this morning!"

2. People that feel the need to drive 10 mph under the speed limit need to stay off the road.

3. Over 40 women that think it's "cute" to still wear pigtails. To work.

4. People that let their kids run crazy in public. No, I did not want to enjoy this meal that I paid money for just like you. I bet if I take off running around your table, (screaming) in circles you'd be thrilled too.

5. It's possible that I whine too much.

6. I can't stand when someone is telling me something, but takes forever and drags it out, or pauses a million times to think of what they are telling me.

7. You should probably not date someone in prison. I just can't see that ending well.

8. I probably don't care about politics as much as I should. I feel I'm already frustrated in general, so that might make things worse.

9. Whataburger makes the best burger ever. Jalapeno and cheese for me, please.

10. Telling people what idiots they are in my car in traffic doesn't make a difference at all. But it makes me feel better.

11. Telling everyone that you are a great person and insisting that you just love to do things for others does not make you look better, it makes you look like you just want recognition of being "such a nice person". Just do it and don't mention it again.

12. Karma is real.

13. I probably would not keep up with half the people I do if it weren't for Facebook. Now you are all a very condensed (yet important) part of my life.

14. Major peeve - people that have to say, "Sweet" (insert whatever name or the word "baby" here) in front of everything. Especially on Facebook lately. It's like the new catch word. Whatever happened to cute? Adorable? Lovely? "I had lunch with my sweet ___ today!" "Look at his cheeks! Sweet baby!"  "Aww, can't wait to meet your sweet baby ___!" <----insert name. Yes, you can wait to meet sweet baby whoever. They could be the devil's spawn, you have no idea.

15. Some people probably think my blog is stupid. You know what I think? Probably so. But I do it anyway.

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Rachel @ lala Lists said...

ahahah 2 & 10 - I die!! I get the worst road rage ever with slow drivers! Thanks so much for linking up! Have a fantabulous week!!!

Lori said...

Yeah I try to keep my road rage down for the sake of my husband! LOL!