Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today seemed very fulfilling to me. I got up about 8:30am, and my husband came home because he didn't have any work so I got to spend the day with him. Of course, no work means no $$$ for that day, so it is good and bad. He took me to the hospital to get my bi-weekly bloodwork done, and that went very well. Was in and out quick and didn't pass out. Next we ventured to the Dollar Store, where I got some more plastic bins to put under my sink in the bathroom. I organzied under our "guest bath" sink today and threw out a whole trashbag of stuff we didn't need and not quite sure how it got there to begin with...so onto my bathroom cabinets, which are even more unbelievable of a challenge.
I also did some laundry, which I DID NOT take any pictures of, as it was also a disaster. We had a great steak dinner, complete with sauteed mushrooms, cheesy mashed potatoes (instant but good) and a dijon wine sauce that I made out a recipe book my mom gave me.
So now I am just enjoying some pistachios (My mom will kill me for not getting her any) and smelling my latest crafty project that is behind me on the sofa table:

A pretty basket I got at the beach one year, some votive holders and tealights that I already had, and the only thing I bought were a few scoops of scented rosehips from a local shop.
At first I had a scoop of the rosehips in a hurricane glass, with a round votive holder sunk down in the middle. I still have two of those kinds around the house; one on the kitchen counter that are scented sort of like a Mocha, and then one in the bathroom with a scent called "Sleeping on Snow". It smells like really fancy but light perfume!
The basket behind the couch has the "Spice" scent which smells like Cinnamon. I can smell it when I walk into the house, and now with the candles lit it wafts over to my computer desk from time to time. And everyone loves cinnamon, right? Such a nice, homey scent for the winter. And we are expecting snow this week!

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*Ulrike* said...

Did you say pistachios?!!!! Whine, whine, do you have any left??? By the way, like your candle basket, and yes it does smell great!
Love, Mom