Tuesday, October 16, 2012

R.I.P. Pappy 1/2/1936-10/9/2012

I write blog posts about almost anything or anyone else...most of which aren't very important. Today's post is about someone that was and will always be very important to me - my grandfather who I called Pappy. He has been gone a week today.

Pappy was my mom's father, and I spent a lot of time with him growing up because he and my grandmother would take care of me when I was little while my mom and dad worked. He was really the only grandfather I ever knew or had.

He always told my mom I was going to be a girl before I was even born. He was sure of it for some reason. He really wanted a granddaughter.

He taught me how to fish. He worked in his garage a lot and I liked to hang out with him. Because of him I'm not squeamish about squirrel tails or gutting and skinning a deer. I think I inherited my hot pepper sauce eating from him. I knew to act right or I'd get a spanking. Although he never did give me one.

He always got a big smile when he would see me. Mom said he didn't say "I love you" a lot but I was glad for the times I heard it from him.  Even in his last days I know he knew I was there.  I even showed him that I was having a beer (he loved beer) and I think he smiled a little.  I even did something that made him laugh in the midst of him barely able to talk or move, but a laugh it was. I will hold onto that forever because I remember all the times he was healthy and strong and laughing.

The last time I saw him before he got really sick and passed away he was showing me some books, and I enjoyed just sitting and spending a few hours there with him and mom. I thought at first I would be bored when I started coming over on Thursdays, but I wasn't at all. My husband told me to take lots of mental pictures and memories and I did.

In this past week I've found that there are things that pop into my head that I want to ask him. Just simple things like about getting gun licenses and fishing. I will always regret the moments I could have stayed longer, the times I should have visited and didn't, the really important moments in life.

I remember when my husband's grandfather died his grandmother said, "I know we had a lot of time together...but I just wish we had a little more time."

Don't we all wish we had just a little more time together...?


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Time goes by so fast.


Heather said...

I am so sorry Lori. I lost my grandmother 2 months ago and it was terribly hard. Tons of hugs and prayers your way

Lori said...

Thanks so much Heather.

*Ulrike* said...

We will always have our memories to treasure. He loved you a lot. Love you....Mom