Friday, October 5, 2012

People are dumb.

Among the things I've had said to me today:

"I need you to look at my policy and all I have with me is my name."

Well, at least you've got that with you...


"When I saw how much my premium went up I pooped in my pants."

I think he was serious. He literally said, "Pooped". And seriously while arguing with me he said how shitty all of this was. I could only try to contain my laughter.

And finally, same guy - (and I say finally but I've got 2 hours left) "I need you to reduce my premium by $100 or I can't eat for at least 3 weeks."

And then when I tell him his options he wants to do none of them and says, "Fine! I just wont eat!"and hangs up.

Buddy, if you go for 3 weeks without eating I probably wouldn't worry about having that lower deductible because I doubt you'll be around to you'll have nothing to poop your pants with so that sounds like a win-win!

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