Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lately... what have I been up to these days?
WELL. If you MUST know, the new Premier Designs Jewelry 2010-2011 catalog just came out!!! I'm SOOOO excited. I must brag and say that the company has outdone themselves this year. I think the jewelry is the best yet. I have been busting bottom getting the word out, handing out catalogs, and just letting everyone know in general what a great company I am a part of!!!

Aside from that, I've been on a Pottery Barn kick. See Exhibit A:

I went on their website and saved a ba-gillion pictures to use for decorating reference. Although I must say, I don't have QUITE the money or doo-dads right now to really make it work, but I try.

Exhibit B: Me forcing Mom to take a picture of me in Pottery Barn for use in my "Dreamboard". This is me envisioning myself sitting in a Pottery Barn-esque home one day. Hehe!

I've been playing around a little with more summer decorating. (I said I wanted to do that!)

My dining room/kitchen table was looking kinda blah.

I also took everything off the end tables and the mantel in the living room and have stoof in front of it multiple times in the past few days going, "Hmmmm..." with a very "thinking" look on my face.

The mantel is to be determined but while I wait, at least I can eat some yummy dinner Dustin made:

I took the pic in the beginning's going to be Mexican soup...but it smelled so good I had my nose in it already!
More later on if I actually redo the mantel or just put everything back how it was............

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*Ulrike* said...

Actually I took several photos!!! The Mexican soup was very good too; we enjoyed it!!
Love, Mom