Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer is creeping in...

So SLOOOOWWWLY I am trying to change my decor in the house for summertime. I've always been big on putting out pumpkins in the fall and winter-y stuff toward Christmas, but never do anything different in the summer. Well, I love our vacation spot in Florida so much, and have just been nuts in general this year about summertime. So I've decided I am going to make it work, even in my very fall-colored house. I have the Beach Room (guest room) but I am always finding more turquoise things or shells or something "beachy" with no place to put them. Here are some things I've done so far:

Collected some cute holders for outside

I replaced my Scented Rose Hips in this basket with sand and seashells!

I love this Room Spray from Pier 1. Normally I don't shop there, but a friend gave me the candle and I HAD to go back and get the room spray. LOVE IT! It smells so light and Summer-y.


*squeak* *squeal*
I carried these like my first born children up to the cash register. I LOVE blue but NEVER decorate with it. In fact, if you'll look at pictures of my house, everything is gold, green, and burgundy. Which are all great, but I need to switch it up for summer so I don't miss my beach too much.

I switched up my mantel a bit...they HAVE to be the first thing I see when I walk in...and they go great with my gold walls! Who woulda thunk it?
I found the print at Wally World for like 3 or 4 bucks, and the frame as well. I have some other prints I picked up as well...but I'll have to show them another time. Anyway, I feel like this is still classy yet beachy.



Much more tropical, yes?

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*Ulrike* said...

I definitely like the way those candle holders look! If you would not have bought them I would have been tempted!
Love, Mom
P.S. Don't forget to visit Mary! A breath of fresh air