Monday, June 21, 2010

New patio!

We have needed a new place to sit outside for a while ever since we tore off part of our deck that was rotting away. The rents (AKA landlords) helped us get some concrete a few weeks back and we FINALLY started on it today.

We used a stone paver mold to make the look. All the little dots are seashells. I also sprinkled sand in each one. (Yes, I know concrete already has sand in it...but this is beach sand!) and you can see it on top of some of them.

Dustin mixed and really worked hard.

I smoothed and added the seashells and sand. :)

My hair was all's close to 100 degrees here, so we kept soaking out heads in the water hose. I was way past vanity at this point!

We are almost finished and are saving up for a new patio set and umbrella!
Back to work in the morning...!

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*Ulrike* said...

Looks good Lori! You two worked hard on it, and soon you will have it done. This landlord thinks you have done a great job!
Love, Mom