Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some stuff I luuuuv.

I just couldn't sleep last night so I went around taking pictures of some things I really like around the house, trying not to wake up my husband with the flashing of the camera at 11:30pm!

This is my "office". It's actually in the living room, but it's between our fish tank and then a little side wall that comes out in the dining room by the front door, and it feels really cozy, especially at night.

You can kind of see what I mean... (it was 11:30, after all...)
I even have a little "my stuff" drawer with all the necessary things to pay bills and run my jewelry business.

How'd that Twilight bookmark get in there? Errrmmm...I'm really not a Twi-aholic. I only squeal slightly when I see a preview for the new movie.

I broke down and got some cheap stacky-thingys to hold my papers and surveys and supplies.

Speaking of jewelry and all that, here's another pic of a setup for one of my shows. I've done shows in all sort of places, small tables, little ones, fireplace mantels, apartment countertops...etc.

I love this coaster and keep one on each table in the living room. It does not go with my decor at all (I don't think, really) but I got them on our honeymoon at a place called Gulf World in Panama City Beach and it gives me good memories. Can you tell I use it a lot?

I love my little nook.


*Ulrike* said...

I knew you would like that spot!

Mary said...

I just told Mom to tell you hello - then visited and see you are back! Great - missed you Lori.

Hope your business is booming - I've several pieces of Premier - a friend sells it and did a party here some years ago - it's great jewelry.

I'm off on a big adventure Wed. so no time now - but just wanted to say hello and will see you when I return.

Stay well, and definitely do what you love.
Hugs - Mary