Thursday, September 30, 2010

Excitement in the bedroom. Haha. Not really. I just said that to gross everyone out.

So my lovely mom surprised me with a trip to TJ Maxx the other day which I thought was to get her a new mattress pad and then me have the old one. You always want it if someone else has it, right? But seriously. The only mattress pad I ever put on our bed was a waterproof, plastic-y one from when our cat was in heat and she decided to mark our bed. Like 7 times. After scrubbing with every man-made and natural urine-stopping concoction out there, I just came to the realization that we would have to sleep on something resembling what you put on a kids bed you are potty training. I got all the smell out and the mattress is ok, but I didn't want to take anymore chances.
So after my husband complaining and sleeping on the couch most nights to avoid waking himself up with "the crinkling" I thought my mom was going to give me her old one which is a Ralph Lauren and I love. Before they came back from vacation the other day I put on clean sheets and made mention of her soft mattress and the hunt began.

I wasn't feeling too hot when we were walking around (I hadn't eaten practically all day and was on the verge of keeling over) so I complained (I think nicely, although my mom is pretty darn indecisive when it comes to shopping) quite a bit but I felt three or four pads and decided if it were MY bed (after she said 3 times "Which one would YOU use?" Duh, Lori...must have been the lack of food that kept it from clicking) I'd still love a Ralph Lauren over other brands. I've had good luck with RL stuff so I was pretty tickled when we finally made it out to the parking lot and she said, "It's yours!" I then wanted to suffocate myself with it for being such a complainer the whole time, but I love it nonetheless. :)

 My naked bed, sort of, with the new mattress pad fresh-out-the-oven!

On its new home! More comfy already!


With the sheets...Dustin's grandma got these and another set for us...I love the deep chocolate brown...feels luxurious when I get into bed. They rock my socks. :)

Our comforter. I love it and meant to take a "fully made" pic but forgot. Ooops. It's about time for a new one, but this one is still beautiful. I got it before we ever got married and had my eye on it for quite some time before I invested. And I do mean invested. It was a pretty penny.

And we can't forget, my lovely scented candle to make the room smell nice. This one smells fresh, salty, like the beach wearing perfume. Haha!

By the way, I got a part-time/seasonal position at my local Yankee Candle. YIPPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!


*Ulrike* said...

Had you fooled didn't I?!!!!! Glad you like it!!! Congrats for the job which will be nice for you. Love ya! Mom

Anonymous said...

Go Ulrike!

I love love love your bedset, it is so you. I actually need to invest in a new mattress pad eventually. Mine was donated to me when my parents got a king sized bed so it's over 10 years old.

That candle sounds awesome.