Thursday, February 4, 2010


One year ago today our Irving was hit by a car and died. He was a really good boy and the best cat anyone could have. He knew how to use the "doggy door" to come in and out to use the bathroom; we finally just put up his litterbox. Every night when it was time for bed, I would get in bed and he would crawl up on my chest and lick my nose goodnight.
I don't know why it happened. He rarely went near the road. We think he was chasing leaves or birds. It was a really windy, cold day. Fortunately my husband was home that day and found him right after it happened and brought him up to the deck and called me. I came home early from work and held him and then we gave him a nice burial with his food dish. He was always hungry! Then we cried and cried and cried.
My husband says that he is not really gone. He says he is always there, running around and playing in the leaves. I think about him every time the wind is blowing.
Although we have two other cats now...(Roxanne and Bella) I will never forget Irving, my buddy, the kitty that made me a "cat person".

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*Ulrike* said...

Ohhhh, I can't believe a year has gone by already. He was a very sweet cat.
Love You! Mom

Mary said...

Hi Lori - I love marmalade cats and Irving was very handsome. It's so hard when a special pet leaves us - I cried so much over my own Tiny when we eventually had to put her to sleep - she was 21 and seemed like she had been with us forever. Glad you have other kitties now and that you remember Irving lovingly.

Hugs - Mary

P.S. Tiny has been gone 6 years - I still have her dish in the back of the kitchen cabinet - can't bring myself to throw it out. Is that crazy or what!!!!!

Mary said...

Missing your posts - hope you are well.

Hugs - Mary

Mary said...

Here I am again - missing you still and hoping all is well Lori.

I have started a new blog - photo loading problems and Google no-service meant Across The Pond was useless. Find me here now - and do stop by.


Happy Easter - and Springtime good wishes.